MAC cosmetics listened to the nearly 40,000 people that signed a petition to get the late Tejano songstress, Selena Quintanilla her own line of lipsticks.

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MAC cosmetics will celebrate Selena by launching a cosmetics line next year.

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Even though Eric Garner’s case brought attention to cops using banned chokeholds on individuals that they arrest, there reportedly are still police officials who are…

It’s been 20 years since Tejano superstar Selena was tragically taken away from us, but the Quintanilla family has made sure her legacy lives on. Now the family has confirmed to Billboard the memory of the Texas beauty will soon be a visual one, in talks to resurrect her in the form of a hologram! This […]

Happy Birthday, Selena! The late Tejano singer would have turned 43 today. Although Selena Quintanilla-Perez was fairly unknown in the U.S. before her untimely death…

This Easter many Texans will be celebrating Easter Sunday and you can be sure that they will be remembering SELENA as well!! Selena was a Grammy winner and consistent Tejano Music award winner, and she still inspires millions of Tejanos (Texans), Chicanos and Latinos from all over the world! I grew up listening to Hip […]

It's been 16 yrs since our beloved Selena was taken away !! Here are some of my favorite songs and video from Our Tejano Legend !!