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This Easter many Texans will be celebrating Easter Sunday and you can be sure that they will be remembering SELENA as well!! Selena was a Grammy winner and consistent Tejano Music award winner, and she still inspires millions of Tejanos (Texans), Chicanos and Latinos from all over the world!

I grew up listening to Hip Hop and Tejano music, which at the time Selena was making hits, was mixed with Hip Hop at Quinces (a birthday celebration for Latinas when they turn 15) and every club in TEXAS that had night for Latinos to party, whether is was a dance club or Hip Hop Club, you ‘member!!

I can imagine the music she would be singing and creating if she was alive today! And it’s a no brainer that she would have been in the same class as Beyonce, Mariah, Mary J Blige, Christina, Brittany, and every other “Pop” & “R&B” Princess that ever won a Grammy or Music Award!

She was about to crossover to the mainstream, when the president of her fan club shot here back in 1995, right before her 24th Birthday. And Gain a lot of new fans with her English Songs, “Dreaming of You” and “I Could Fall in Love’ off the “Dreaming of You” Album which sold half a million copies in Texas, alone!

It’s a sad day for TEXAS and ALL of Selena’s fans who over the years have come in every color and nationality!! REST IN PEACE SELENA, she will always be the “REINA DE TEJANO” – Queen of Tejano Music.