Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Blackson takes a minute or two to address the recent Kanye West Phone Call Rant. Plus he addresses the slavery topic, by giving a concrete answer. Finally, he attempts to cure Ye by using the  “Get Out ” technique in order to get him back on track with life.

Jordan Peele's film inspired professor and writer Tananarive Due to teach a course on Black horror.

Drake hosted the NBA’s first annual awards show last night (June 26) and wasted no time going in on some of the greatest to ever do it! Immediately after starting his monologue he throw shots at Draymond, Lebron, Brooklyn Nets and even himself. He also used the opportunity so show off his acting skills. One […]

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The actor and comedian will be honored on March 30 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Entertainment News A funny thing happened this past week. I was asked by my editor if I was interested in writing a piece on Allison Williams, the actress who plays Marnie on Lena Dunham’s show Girls. I was rather ambivalent and I usually have tons to say when it comes to feminist topics but this one […]

The reality star went to see "Get Out," a movie about White people co-opting Black culture.

Samuel L. Jackson is speaking up on the recent trend of Black British actors taking on American roles. When discussing the movie Get Out on the radio station Hot 97, Jackson was critical of British actor, Daniel Kaluuya, for being cast as the lead of a film about American racism. Jackson elaborates: “There are a lot of […]

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Jackson argued that African-American actors should have a stake in portraying the Black experience in America on film.

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As has been the case with quite a few celebs recently (Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson buying out theaters for Hidden Figures), fresh Grammy winner Chance the Rapper has gotten in on the action and rented out a movie theater on Sunday so folks could see Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele for free. […]