Today is the day if you are not registered to vote for the Midterms! There are a few options if you can’t make it in today, you could fax your application into the office by TODAY and then you will have 4 days to bring that signed application to the Elections Office. They have been […]

President Donald Trump is now claiming that China is interfering in November’s midterm elections because of the budding trade war he has waged with Beijing. Thought he was going to say Russia, didn’t ya! Listen below:   Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:

Jeezy break down the lyrics to the song “My President.” As President Obama prepares to move out of the White House after eight years of service to the country, Jeezy sat down with Genius to break down the lyrics in his 2008 song “My President,” which also featured Nas.   Check it out below:

On many ballots some candidates are NOT listed for one reason or another. Find out what candidates are running, and some general information on their beliefs and platform by doing a couple minutes of research. Trust us, it’s WORTH IT! See a sample ballot for your area by clicking ay of the links below: Click […]

Trump had a big night on Super Tuesday, winning seven out of 12 states, and that’s got some nervous folks starting to think about getting the heck out of Dodge. According to Google Trends, there was a 350% spike in people Googling “How to Move to Canada.” And search interest in “Move to Canada” reached a record […]

Jeff Johnson explains the run-down on this past Tuesday’s local elections. Plus, he points out a major victory for blacks when a black Republican woman named…

Fiorina isn't immune to critique from last night's performance, but it's very likely that her approval ratings will go up from the second GOP debate.

In a dramatic illustration of democracy in action, Barack Obama on Tuesday told the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that he would love to…

  The midterm elections are coming up, and we can’t stress enough how important it is that you vote. Listen to this edition of 3 Things You…