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Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Hot boy Bobby Shmurda responds to the Louisiana Legend, via cell phone. Looks like Boosie is on a mission in New York. Press play for the vibes courtesy of your East coast & down South musicians. It appears as if Bobby will be performing at […]


We hope to see a free and successful Bobby out and about, living his life, and putting out hits soon.

The Brooklyn rapper appeared in court alongside attorney Alex Spiro after allegedly getting caught with a shank while in prison.

Bobby and his mom insist he was lied to and not provided his full rights.

Headkrack and Brat were at it again in this edition of “Flow And Go!” They covered a bunch of topics, from Bobby Shmurda‘s plea deal to Mary J. Blige‘s divorce. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Take a listen to the player and hear their off the top of the head dopeness for yourself! Get more HeadKrack’s Flow […]

height=343] Headkrack‘s esteemed guest for this hip-hop spot just happened to be the legendary hypeman to Busta Rhymes and incredible artist in his own right, Spliff Star. They cover a whole range of topics, including the hidden major responsibility of the hypeman, and how frequently rappers seem to be getting into trouble nowadays, from as […]

Bobby Shmurda is a few steps closer to being a free man...unfortunately he has to serve a little bit more time behind bars.

Heads up, things are not looking good for the Shmurda homies.

Though Bobby hasn't gone to trial yet, a few of his reported associates have already stood trial and been convicted.