Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Ouch Big Draco aka Soulja Boy got hit with the Okey Doke according to his Instagram live video. Mad at the bank for a $30,000 withdraw instead of the $100,000 would be a understatment. Who knows what the money would be used for. That’s not […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Back at it again Boosie is on your timeline sparking up attention. This time around he’s not at fault for the confusion. Well not yet at least. Bank teller must have not been a fan of “Set it Off” or any of the Louisiana Legends’ […]

If you have a Chase account and you forget your card you can still get your cash from the ATM with Chase’s new cardless access. The new technology allows users while using the Chase mobile app to just “tap” their smartphone on the ATM!   Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The […]

Trish Doolin said Seattle's KeyBank went as far as to call her company to verify if she was actually an employee there.

Money expert Tarra Jackson hangs out in-studio to discuss finances! She explains how the world is built to try to take from us, and that our…

Money expert Tarra Jackson hangs out in-studio to discuss finances! She explains why it’s crucial to be putting money away in savings for a rainy day, how…

A Black teenager from the D.C. area inspired protests after a recording showed him being brutally detained by police officers for making a White customer at a local bank feel "uncomfortable."

Come on people we got to do better!! I bet Big Bubba is waiting on him to get to prison! LOL    

O.T. GENASIS was shown flossin’ a bit in Beverly Hills yesterday when he was asked by TMZ what his plans were to top his first smash “CoCo.” He pulls out a stack of cash from his pocket to show he ain’t worried ’bout nothing, then he lets him (and us) in on a little secret. He […]

This type of stuff never happens to me, but you better believe that when the roads clear up in Dallas. I will be hitting ever McDonald’s in town..,… LOL A suburban Nashville couple got more than they expected in their to-go order in a McDonald’s drive-thru: A bag of cold cash Read the Full Story […]

One man probably has learned a costly lesson about where he hides his cash. The unidentified man from Sydney, Australia, sold his car last weekend. The $15,000 (approximately $15,652 in U.S. dollars) in proceeds was earmarked for his mortgage payment and other bills, according to Australian media. Opting not to squirrel away the loot in […]