The VERZUZ Battle between Mario and Omarion shook the social streets last night with all types of shenanigans from beginning to the end. Special guests included Deray Davis who was MC for the night, O’Ryan, Omarion’s brother who served as his DJ, along with Tank, Ray J, Sammie, Pleasure P, Jeremih, and Bobby Valentino. Check out some highlights from the chaotic event.

1. Mario Wanted Smoke From The Jump.

2. The Internet Interneting LOL

3. But No For Real…Jeremih WTH?!

4. The Weird Watermelon Monsters..

5. Mario Confirming What We Just Saw Was Awkward.

6. One Wish With A Baby On The Hip? Different.

7. Whatever You Say Ray J…

8. Why They Playing With That Man Like That?

9. The Jokes Wrote Themselves.

10. No Seriously, They Do.