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Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban is taking Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert’s side of the tax hike debate.

Hoping that he can help the Dallas City Council to NOT raise taxes by 4.91 cents, he has stated that he will give the City of Dallas $100,000 to help offset the decline in revenue so that a tax hike won’t happen.

The offer came as a result of an email exchange between Mark and a DMN columist, who was asking question to Mark in regards to the current tax hike debate.

Now currently Mark’s house, here in Dallas, was appraised at $14,082,624 and with a tax increase of 4.91 cents, his property tax would increase by several thousand dollars.

Now Cuban was qouted as saying, “I don’t consider this a gift. I consider this a repayment.” Cuban told the columnist that the City has been good to him and he’s been blessed financially, so I guess Cuban just felt it was the right thing to do for Dallas.

So here’s to one of the biggest BALLERS in Texas!!

Hopefully it helps Dallas!!