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If you’re tired of the way your neighborhood or Texas is being ran, now is your chance to do something about it. The countdown to the midterms elections Nov. 8 has begun with early voting opening up May 16 to May 20 before the May 24 Election Day.  Keep in mind that Texas is an open primary, meaning that if you are voting as a Republican or Democrat, you will only see options for the candidates of the party you associate with. Now let’s get you to the polls!

1. How Do I Know If I Am Registered?

Check your voter status, change your name/address, or search more FAQ about your registration  by clicking here! 

2. What Do You Need to Vote?

You’ve probably heard a few people talk about I.D. issues at the polls, so here’s a list according to of acceptable identification. You only need one out of any of these seven to cast your ballot.

  • Texas Driver License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS
  • Texas Handgun License issued by DPS
  • United States Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Passport (book or card)

In the event that you can’t locate one of the above forms of ID and absolutely can’t order new identification, you can use any of these below for verification.

  • copy or original of a government document that shows the voter’s name and an address, including the voter’s voter registration certificate;
  • copy of or original current utility bill;
  • copy of or original bank statement;
  • copy of or original government check;
  • copy of or original paycheck; or
  • copy of or original of (a) a certified domestic (from a U.S. state or territory) birth certificate or (b) a document confirming birth admissible in a court of law which establishes the voter’s identity (which may include a foreign birth document).

The website also requires that after presenting one of the forms of supporting ID listed above, the voter must execute a Reasonable Impediment Declaration

3. Who Is on the Ballot?

Take a look at who is next to make MAJOR decisions for the ‘Great State of Texas’!

Lt. Governor 

Michelle Beckley (D)

Mike Collier (D)

Attorney General

George P. Bush (R)

Ken Paxton (R)

Rochelle Mercedes Garza (D)

Joe Jaworski (D)

Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian (R)

Sarah Stogner (R)

Commissioner of the General Land Office

Tim Westley (R)

David Beckingham (R)

Jay Kleberg (D)

Sandragrace Martinez (D)

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Angel Luis Vega (D)

Janet T. Dudding (D)


Find Your Representative Here


4. Where Can I Vote Near Me?

Not sure where to vote? No problem, there’s a voting poll not too far from you live…we promise! Find your Voting Location here! 


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