The Biggest Boss said he won’t be taking the Biggest Loss at his big age driving around without a drivers license! The rapper recently revealed at the age of 45, he’s officially legal to drive on the road with other adults.

Just last month, he took so social media to admit all the cars he owned and how he didn’t own a license. Check out the video below!


In an interview with Today he said:

“I actually was driven to the test. I do have over 100 cars and I just hadn’t had my license. So, whenever I go joyriding, it was just one of those things. … But it’s something about my smile. Every time I get pulled over, by the time the officers walked up”—here he smiled wide—“they like, ‘Go ‘head, Rozay. We know you good.’”

He also mentioned his mother “pressured me, finally” to take the test, which took him a whole hour to complete. “You know, I missed a few answers but I got it.”


It’s never too late right?! In addition to that, he’s also gifted his 15 year old son with a Wingstop Franchise of his own! All I got at 15 was a Spongebob radio (with a CD player included), a new scooter, and a B2K CD (which I was very thankful for)! These new age kids are definitely different, but kudos to Ross for breaking generational curses!

Welcome to the club Rozay! We can’t wait to see you on the road…LEGALLY! (:

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