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The Official Birthday Bash Afterparty Hosted by Future

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The end of the summer is near and the promise of new music from Kanye West and Drake is becoming more of a reality, especially with the latest round of shots being fired from each of the artist’s respective camps.

If you’ve been a fan of Hip-Hop since the 2000s you know that Drake and Kanye have had their share of beef steaming from countless subliminals in song lyrics, purple demon emojis, chaotic tweets, and full-blown diss tracks between Kanye’s close collaborator Pusha-T and Drake. After a brief sign of a cease-fire between the rappers at the beginning of the summer, now with Donda and Certified Lover Boy expected to drop, not only before the end of the summer, but quite possibly on the same day, things are beginning to heat up again.

Now the two MCs are in a battle that is playing out on the Internet and fueling musical war…here’s how we got here.

On July 24th, a day after Kanye’s missed drop date of July 23rd and two days after his Atlanta Donda listening party, his collaborator and songwriting partner Consequence tweeted this:

Then on July 30th Drake took to his Sound 42 channel on Sirius XM with a message seemingly aimed at Kanye:

During Kanye’s August 5th “Donda” listening party, the second at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Kanye added lyrics to a song rapping, “I can give a dollar to every person on Earth, that’s God’s Plan.” Then on the end of a song called, “Junya” he aims directly for the 6God rapping,  “Move out of the way of my release/ Tryna get me off my Qs and Ps/ Why can’t losers never lose in peace? Ain’t nobody ‘round me losing sleep/ Better find God ‘fore he find me.”

Three days later Kanye’s camp and Drake’s camp exchange words social media as discovered by @hidden.ny on Instagram.


It doesn’t stop there….Drake fired back on Trippie Redd’s album, which was released on August 20th on a song called, “Betrayal” where Drake calls out Kanye by name – “All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know/ Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go/ Ye ain’t changin’ sh_t for me, it’s set in stone.” ICYMI, Kanye, Consequence and Pusha-T are all between 44 and 45-years-old. There’s speculation Drake added this lyric to Trippie’s song at the last minute. When Trip at Knight first hit streaming services the song with Drake wasn’t a part of the track list, however 24 hours later the song appeared and it didn’t go unnoticed by Consequence.

Kanye followed Consequence’s tweet with a screenshot from his group chat that included eight people, one who is presumed to be Drake and it can be seen Pusha-T was recently added to the group. Kanye included a picture of The Joker with the message,  “I live for this. I’ve been fu_ked with by nerd ass jock n****s like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you.”

Since then Kanye has erased all of his Instagram posts and just has a picture of his childhood home, which seems to be the cover art for “Donda,” so with all this back and forth is seems that Kanye and Drake are only days away from their albums dropping, the question is who will reign supreme and be able to back up all of their ish talking?? Hit me up on Twitter and tell me who you think will have the hotter album, Kanye or Drake?


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