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The Louisiana Icon Boosie touched down in the DFW Friday to celebrate his birthday bash. Unfortunately, visiting his protege Mo3’s vigil, wasn’t in the original plans. However, Boosie did what any real OG  would do and went and paid his respects, during the Mo3’s candle light celebration in downtown Dallas. Hundreds fans of Mo3 were in attendance to hear each others words of uplift to the community. Boosie made it his business to step in an announce that he would basically “take care” of Mo3’s three childrens need for life. Rain water Mo3’s manager confirmed this early this week, that 3 owned his masters, and publishing, so the streaming money made will go to the kids as well. Saturday afternoon reports went out that Boosie’s sprinter van was sprayed with bullets. According to Tmz Boosie was also treated at the hospital for a gun shot wound to the leg. Sources also say he is in stable conditioning. All of this happen on his Birthday weekend, so forgetting this weekend will be very hard to do.


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