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As we watched Jennifer Lopez show us what 50 looks like, you have to wonder, “how does she look like THAT at 50?!” Well here’s a rundown of what J. Lo’s eats in order to keep that killer body. 

For breakfast, she drinks a protein shake with berries, greek yogurt, honey, and cinnamon or oatmeal with berries. 

For lunch, it’s salmon salad with zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli, and a drizzle of vinaigrette. And for dinner, she has a lean protein like chicken breast, veggies, and a complex carb like brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Jennifer Lopez Returns to the Bronx for Her First Ever Hometown Concert to Launch State Farm Neighborhood Sessions

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Snacks include a handful of nuts, fresh fruit, and veggies and balance is key for the ageless Lopez, so she does indulge in chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip ice cream, and cake, all in moderation. 

What do you eat to stay in shape? Do you think you could follow a diet like this for 60 days? Let’s talk about it on Twitter or IG @officialkikij.


-Kiki J

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