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Before You Press “Send”

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, many people took to social media to express their feelings. Some posts contained sad feelings, other posts were condescending and hateful. People who probably weren’t fans of Kobe couldn’t understand why there were people crying over the death of someone they had never met. This is why sometimes you can’t press “send” on your grief. 

Grief is a very personal emotion, not only do we all grieve differently but what we grieve about varies from person to person.  In an age where you can share your thoughts in a public space that has your name on it, what you share is open to public opinion. 

People can choose to agree or disagree with you, which they have a right to do, however, you probably don’t want your grief to be debated. Many people felt a connection to Kobe, maybe you watched every single game he played or closely followed the accusations of rape and the road to recovery between him and his wife Vanessa that followed. Maybe you watched him retire and become the model father and entrepreneur or maybe you just haven’t lost someone who was a part of your life and finally understood what that felt like. 

No matter how you were affected or not by the passing of Kobe Bryant the one thing you have to remember is when you share your feelings in a public space it’s up for others to pick apart and minimize. I’m not saying it’s right, but social media is social. By definition the word social means: relating to society or its organization, so when you’re social with how you feel about something or someone you open yourself up to society’s interpretation of what you’re trying to communicate.

It’s something that should be thought about before you press send. Social media was created for people to question, discuss, share and connect with others about their experiences, however, it’s not okay to dismiss people for how they feel. Just because you have a difference in opinion doesn’t give you the right to bully or push negativity, for negativity like all energy, is neither created or destroyed, only transferred and that goes for your emotions and feelings towards something or someone. 

So grieve in your own way, share pictures, videos, and memories with others. For those who don’t share in the grief instead of bashing someone for how they feel, resort back to a time when you felt what they are feeling and offer a kind word instead or say nothing at all. (Silence after all is golden) There is too much negativity in the world and even though you may feel the need to voice your opinion on social media make sure it truly benefits the “society or the organization” before you press send.

-Kiki J

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