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Well what do you know, scientist have confirmed that music really is the ‘universal language’.

Even though there’s soooo many different types of sounds, rhythms, and melodies, one thing that was consistent in the study held by Harvard University was the ‘behaviors associated with songs’. Discover magazine says “Almost every society the researchers studied sang songs in the context of 20 types of behavior, including dance, healing, mourning, religious activity, entertainment, and infant care.”

They held two different studies just to back up their hypothesis (remember those). The first had 750 listeners while the new one had about 30,000 online volunteers to classify the songs. So interesting that most of the listeners who were “unfamiliar with a song’s culture could still identify a love, healing, lullaby, or a dance song” which further concludes that music can be “universal across societies.”

Looks like we need to have one big dance party (that is also eco-friendly) and maybe this will ease some of the tension in the world.