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A new video surfaced yesterday online and it appears to be a ball of fire bursting through the atmosphere in St. Louis, Missouri. Afterwards, it disappears following behind with a loud BOOM. (the video is silent so you won’t hear it, but it LOOKS super loud) WATCH BELOW!

Now-observers are saying “It’s a meteor! It’s a meteor!” but something about this is just I don’t know-weird.

There are thousands of pieces of “space rock” that hit the earth every year, but according to “Most (between 90 and 95 percent) of these meteors completely burn up in the atmosphere, resulting in a bright streak that can be seen across the night sky, Moorhead said. However, when meteors survive their high-speed plunge toward Earth and drop to the ground, they are called meteorites.”

Now there’s two conclusions we can draw here. One, that’s one big ole meteorite- or- Two, WE’RE BEING INVADED BY ALIENS AND THEY’RE PLOTTING TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH AND MAKE US HUMAN SLAVES!

Okay, that was a bit much.

But not really, what was that thing? The last meteor to make it through all 5 layers of the atmosphere was earlier this year in June in the Caribbean. Want to catch the next meteor/meteor shower? Click here!