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I thought I was humble…until my car wouldn’t start and I had to walk to the store in this Texas heat. Let’s count down more ways to come back down to earth.

5. You Propose to Your Girl and She Says No

Diamond Ring with Other Diamonds

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You made reservations at a fancy restaurant, then took her to a surprise location where her entire family was, even her brother you can’t stand…all because she’s the one. And she has the nerve to say no?? I guess that dude who keeps calling her wasn’t a big enough hint that she’s cheating, huh…

4. You Post a Fire Ass Selfie and Get 6 Likes

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Seoul Premiere

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The perfect angle, the perfect lighting…this picture is gonna kill em! Annnnd then it didn’t. I bet now you’ll stop acting too good to double tap people’s pictures.

3. You Host an Event and 17 People show Up

Movie theatre

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You got 20,000 followers and they always like your pics. Even the flyer got 463 likes. So why did you show up to host the event and the only people there were the bartender and security? You mean having a lot of followers doesn’t equate to having real support…? Nooo….

2. Your Car Breaks Down and You Walk in the Summer

Great Pyramids, located in Giza, the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. Egypt. Panorama

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It only takes 45 seconds to drive to Kroger; it shouldn’t be that bad of a walk…at 2 pm in the summer. 30 minutes and 7,835 beads of sweat later…your respect level for pedestrians is through the roof.

1. You Ball All Weekend, then Get That late Notice From Your Apartment

Wolverhampton Wanderers Pre-Season Tour to China

Source: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA / Getty

Yea it was fun popping bottles and eating out Friday through Sunday. But when you got home from work Monday, all your neighbors knew you ain’t pay your rent on time. Next time, prioritize so you don’t get that letter taped to your door.

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