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You ever think about how much you spend getting fries or tacos on your way home everyday from work? What if I told you that you could save that money to make more money in the most simple, and lets be honest-lazy way. No better way to do that than by opening your own fast food restaurant! Yes, YOU can do it and I’m going to tell you what restaurants and how much they’ll cost.

  • Now McDonald’s..let’s just make this quick.  If your net worth isn’t at least $500,000 then just move on to #2 because there’s no more lovin’ here.
  • Are chalupa’s still a thing? If not you can definitely bring them back at Taco Bell for $45,000 annnnnddd a net worth of $1.5 million.
  • 7-eleven sounds like a GREAT investment – IF you have $200,000. Payday loans anyone?
  • Enjoy potato wedges for life at KFC if you hand over that money you we’re supposed to use on a new car ($20,000) as a down payment. Plus a net worth is $1.5 million.
  • Who loves a whopper? YOU DO! & you can snag yourself a Burger King if you’ve got $3 million laying around!
  • Sonic is really the best. Make your own commercial at the famous drive-in for $45,000 plus $1 million in assets and NO-Monopoly money won’t work.
  • Those $5 foot longs won’t make themselves. You could either work your way up at Subway or fork over $140,000-$340,000 and get your own set of keys.
  • Do we really have time to wait on Wendy’s to give us those spicy chicken nuggets back? Go ahead and throw $2 million up front to the fast food giant and make sure you’ve got at least a $5 million net worth you know…”just in case.”
  • Mmmmmm, everybody’s FAVORITE meaty place…ARBY’S! $315,000 to have a conversation, and $1 million in the bank for MORE BEEF!
  • Chic-fil-A, it would be your pleasure to pay a down payment of $10,000 wouldn’t it? They were even nice enough to not check your net worth BUT word on the street is they are very selective and want owners that are “hands on”…the Lord that is. Okay I was just kidding. Okay that was a bad joke.

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