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She Represents LaTarsha Towers

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LaTarsha Towers is a mother, serial entrepreneur, notary public, and supporter. LaTarsha is the CEO/Founder of Slay Magazine, CEO/Founder of Slay Entertainment, LLC, CEO/Founder of Slay Notary Services, CEO/Founder of Relief Pundits, Co-Founder of Be You Designs & Boutique by RAY, and CEO-Founder of Employment Assistance in a Snap. LaTarsha is most known for founding Slay Magazine.

Before starting her business LaTarsha worked years in the healthcare and banking environment. Sounds strange since none of her businesses involve neither healthcare nor banking, right? LaTarsha began her entrepreneurship in 2004 by creating professional resumes for people seeking employment. She specializes in finding the perfect career for those that have always been obtaining jobs. She enjoys educating her clients on the importance of finding a career versus finding a job. In 2013, she decided to elevate her passion for educating and aiding others in obtaining employment by forming her business Employment Assistance in a Snap. After forming her business, she decided to not only assist her clients with obtaining employment but she also serves as a staffing agency to companies to assist them with finding the perfect employees. Since 2013, LaTarsha has provided nationwide services to over 10,000 companies and employees on their career and recruiting endeavors.

In 2015, LaTarsha began the pathway to a different area of educating and inspiration. Realizing that so many people needed guidance in developing their business strategies she founded Relief Pundits. A “pundit” is an expert that specializes in so many different skills and that describes LaTarsha profoundly. LaTarsha strategically retain clients by selecting clients that truly have a passion for their business. Since founding Relief Pundits in 2015, LaTarsha has provided branding, marketing, and promotional services to over 5,000 clients nationwide.

2015 was a busy year for LaTarsha. LaTarsha also founded Slay Magazine with her business partner Chris Brazille in May of 2015. LaTarsha realized that almost everything posted by media outlets on the internet was negative and/or depressing. LaTarsha made a goal to change this stereotype that media outlets could only grow by posting negative news or negative celebrity gossip. LaTarsha decided to use her media platform to spread positivity one SLAYer at a time. After achieving this goal and rapidly increasing her platform within months, LaTarsha decided to begin producing fashion & entertainment shows in October of 2015. These shows serve as charitable events to which Slay Magazine donates to various 501C3 nonprofit organizations. Slay Magazine performs research when selecting these organizations and intentionally select startup 501C3 organizations because these organizations typically have a direr need for funding. During their production in 2016, Slay Magazine achieved the ultimate success by revealing the cover for their first print & digital issue of Slay Magazine. Slay Magazine then released their second cover in 2017. As of May 2019, Slay Magazine has a positive, monthly platform of over 9 million SLAYers, produced four (4) fashion & entertainment productions with two (2) productions scheduled for 2019 (June 30th & November 8th), published their magazine in both print & digital format, donated both service time & money to multiple nonprofit organizations, and made the decision to publish their magazine bi-annually in June and November during their productions.

In 2017, LaTarsha decided to expand the “Slay” brand and founded Slay Entertainment, LLC. Slay Entertainment, LLC was designed to serve as a platform to provide management services to models, actors, and entertainers of all ages. Slay Entertainment was also founded to provide media services for events by offering a wide array of services such as photography, videography, interviews, advertising, and more. Since its founding in 2017, Slay Entertainment, LLC has provided nationwide services to over 3,000 businesses and brands.

Being a mother is one of LaTarsha’s greatest rewards. As a mother, LaTarsha’s goal has been to lead by example for her daughter, Ramya Younger. Not only does LaTarsha positively co-parent with Ramya’s father, but LaTarsha encourages Ramya to follow her dreams. In 2018, Ramya advised LaTarsha that she wanted to own her own boutique. Ramya then decided that she wanted to not only provide merchandise from other brands at her boutique, but Ramya also wants to showcase her own designs. After aiding Ramya with researching being a boutique owner, Ramya launched Be You Designs & Boutique by RAY in 2019. Ramya will debut both her boutique and designs during Slay Magazine’s summer fashion & entertainment show.

LaTarsha has a new goal of being a motivational speaker so that she can continue to share her knowledge and inspiration with others. Who would have thought the woman from Mississippi that began her career in the healthcare and banking environment would be an international, positive influence to so many people? LaTarsha encourages anyone needing a motivational speaker for their event, desiring career concierge services, recruiting trained employees, necessitating assistance with branding their business, desiring an advertising platform, and more to contact her at

“Every time our media outlets receive a message, comment, email, or website inquiry letting us know that we inspired, motivated, or provided an opportunity to someone makes this entire road of entrepreneurship worth every moment. I do this for my daughter and so that every person regardless of their age can understand that they can achieve anything they set their mind to achieving. The only thing that is stopping your success is Y-O-U!” – LaTarsha Towers



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