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Marijuana Packaging: The Secret Big Business

The legalization of recreational marijuana is slowly being accepted across the United States and weed enthusiasts are basking in the freedom to enjoy a blunt in broad daylight. Nine legal marijuana states including Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and most recently California have been reaping the financial benefits of legal weed with recreational sales hitting over nine billion in 2017 according to cannabis industry analysts Acrview Market Research. This increase in revenue has lead to states being able to fund public schools, fix roads and grow a new industry which opens up news jobs and opportunities to make a solid living in the United States.

With marijuana being sold legally, companies have the chance to profit on the industry with marijuana packaging, an important element in shipping and selling the product to the masses. Similar to labeling and packaging prescription medication, alcohol and cigarettes, the packaging for marijuana has to be child resistant and properly labeled so consumers know what they are getting. There are close to ten large companies profiting off the mass production of marijuana packaging like Kush Bottles, but numerous specialized packaging companies are also ready to handle recreational marijuana being bought by the general population. Marijuana Business Magazine highlighted making $8 million in sales in its first year and quickly increasing to $24 million by its third year.

When you think about the clothes you purchase, the mobile phone company you’re dedicated to or even where you purchase your groceries, branding is so important. Designers who are creating custom packaging for marijuana and marijuana related products have a blank canvas of freedom to market these products in a market that isn’t saturated with hundreds of competitors vying for consumers to purchase their version of the same product. Even though the mystery and fear of marijuana is being stripped away with each legalization law, there are still states using the regulation of packaging to control the ease of getting a marijuana product out to consumers with the necessary information.

As legalized marijuana whether it be medical or recreational continues to be allowed around the United States, it’ll be interesting to see the evolution of packaging and more importantly advertising of marijuana. Will it be given colorful packaging and various fruity flavors to appeal to children like the tobacco industry? Will celebrities and social media stars become endorsers of cannabis oils, edibles and other marijuana based products, restaurants and businesses? For companies looking to get into the business, it’ll be beneficial to start now while the industry is growing and fighting to be accepted. There are so many uses for marijuana and because of that so many ways to package and market the profit. Find your niche within the industry and plant your stake in the future of a highly profitable business. All it takes is the right pharmaceutical company or state governor to see the financial benefits of this company before it becomes a tainted, mass produced way to make as much money as possible with most of the profits not going beyond the powerful executives of the company. Capitalism really knows how to blow a high.

Article By Marcel “The Messenger” Jeremiah

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