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Houston, we have a problem!

Okay not really, but if you see the stars moving around or the moon look a little red don’t freak out. We’ll get a closer glimpse at Saturn this month AND the Strawberry Full Moon is coming. It’s definitely one of those astronomical experiences you won’t want to miss.

So June 27, Saturn will be at Opposition.

“What in the world does that mean Jazzi B?”

Saturn will be visible for much of the night around 8:15 PM here in Dallas , reaching its highest point in the sky at around midnight local time. You might get lucky to see it with your plain eye, but if you really want to see it get one of those high powered telescopes off Amazon for the low low and enjoy the view!


The Strawberry Moon (:

No, its not a moon that will sprinkle strawberries on us. Instead it got it’s name from the Algonquin tribes of New England and Lake Superior that would name moons based on the season when strawberries were perfectly harvested. I’m sure your next question is….will the moon really be red? Well, kind of? It’s more of like a pinkish tone when it’s close to the horizon.

It’s coming June 28 and will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun.