Houston, we have a problem! Okay not really, but if you see the stars moving around or the moon look a little red don’t freak out. We’ll get a closer glimpse at Saturn this month AND the Strawberry Full Moon is coming. It’s definitely one of those astronomical experiences you won’t want to miss. So […]

Tech watches are super popular nowadays, and options have multiplied since the Apple watch busted onto the season. Between Samsung, the Fitbit and Apple, it might be difficult to choose. But for a woman looking to fit a tech watch into her style, it could be an even harder decision to make. Sign Up For […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a highly anticipated release for smartphone enthusiasts and especially those who declared themselves to be anti-Apple. But just as soon as the product dropped, the company had to turn around and recall about 2.5 million units of them. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! A waterproof design and a beautifully […]