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Every year many of us look forward to the same traditional holidays like the New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, and our most recently celebrated Easter. What about all the other holidays? Did you know you could observe a holiday literally EVERY day if you wanted too? Well today is just April 3rd, and I’n here to give you a reason to party on a Tuesday.


American Circus Day

Shoutout to all the people afraid of clowns, they’ll definitely be hiding under a rock until 12 AM tomorrow morning. 

Armenian Appreciation Day

Oh, because we can’t get enough of the Kardashians right? 

Find a Rainbow Day

Anyone check the weather in DFW for today? It’s definitely cloudy with a chance of sunshine, a tornado, or an ice storm. That’s what living in Texas is all about anyway; dealing with mother nature and her mood swings.

Fish fingers and Custard Day

HEY RANDOM HOLIDAY CREATORS, We like whole catfish and Blue Bell ice cream in the south. You can keep your fancy finger foods.

National Film Score Day

This one is actually nice, considering we hear about the soundtracks from our favorite movies but NEVER talk about who made them. WE LOVE THE MUSICALLY INCLINED.

National Chocolate Mousse Day

What’s the difference between mousse and pudding? Does anyone really even care?

Pony Express Day

So when I first saw this I thought, “Wow. That’s pretty selfish to only celebrate the ponies and not ALL horses? All horses matter.” But I didn’t know the “Pony Express Day celebrates those brave souls who made up the unique mail delivery system of the same name.” Yep, copied that from There you go.

National Don’t Go to Work Unless its Fun Day

This isn’t even real. Everybody would get fired , smh. Why would they want to set us up for failure like this?

Tweed Day

Just Google Tweed Day, this is pointless to even mention.

World Party Day

Now THIS is a holiday! Doesn’t mean you have to stay up late until 3 AM on a work night, BUT stop by a happy hour or throw your own private pizza party at home. You know you love pizza (: Thank me later!

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