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The recent Las Vegas shooting was one of America’s biggest tragedies ever. The massacre resulted in 58 casualties and 489 people were wounded. This atrocity left Americans in astonishment and disbelief. The deaths of these innocent people have shaken America to the core. Many are praying and sending love to those affected by the Las Vegas shooting. 

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Due to what occurred,  Diplo decided to lend a helping hand by donating $100,000 to a fund for the victims. This fund was created on GoFundMe by the Clark County Commission. The GoFundMe page has raised about $10 million for the relief of the shooting.

In a statement Diplo said, “My deepest sympathies are with the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families”, in response to the shooting. He made comments through twitter as well about there being a need for gun control, following the Las Vegas shooting. The people affected are in our prayers and hearts as well. Stay strong!