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Work and love collided in the worst way for one Atlanta woman, but she turned it into the Internet gold.

Grab your popcorn and a cup of tea because Twitter has just supplied what may be the most entertaining thread of the year thanks to user @AyannaTheDIVA. There’s love, betrayal, suspense, comedy–this thread truly has it all.

Ayanna found herself in the midst of an unbelievable situation with a new coworker when she discovered that they were each dating the same man. And so, Twitter was gifted with the #Samebae thread.

It all started when her new coworker was showing off her bae to everyone. Everything started innocently enough as Ayanna and the girl got along pretty well, and they had the same taste in men. Usually this would’nt have been a problem for Ayanna until she discovered that they were involved with the exact same guy.

Once Ayanna had visual confirmation that her boyfriend was indeed her new colleague’s bae, she immeadiately started digging for information. This wasn’t anything new to Ayanna so she knew the best way to get details she needed.

“I’ve been cheated on before, so this wasn’t my first rodeo in a situation like this. Throughout my relationships I’ve learned how to get answers,” Ayanna told BET News.

“Me getting angry with the girl on the spot wouldn’t have done anything for me. She was innocent,” she added. “I needed her to tell me everything which is why I remained so calm. Before I would just react and be ready to fight.”

The unsuspecting side chick clearly had no clue she was about to be setup for an epic gotcha.

It was at this moment that Ayanna discovered that her setup was going to workout even better than she had hoped! She knew she was about to get to the bottom of things and she didn’t want to waste anytime busting her man.

As angry as she was, Ayanna was amused by the moment of truth. And so were we!

The girl exited stage left with Ayanna’s glass, leaving the cheating boyfriend to scramble for an answer. Clearly he couldn’t provide one.

Since her boyfriend was at a loss for words, Ayanna had some questions for him.

We assume that he didn’t have an adequate explanation because, Ayanna promptly tossed him out.

The other girl didn’t show up to work the next day, but Ayanna’s ex did try to make up with her. He failed miserably when he discovered that Ayanna was not going to take him back.

And just so you know she was not playing around, Ayanna posted a pick of all the stuff she was getting ready to toss out.

Thankfully, Ayanna was able to make amends with her coworker after all of the drama.

“My coworker is very sweet. She had no idea. I was never mad at her. She has seen the thread and I apologized for not letting her know before hand,” Ayana shared with BET News. “I also apologized to her for having to relive the moment via social media. She seemed forgiving.”


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