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With so much going on in Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit in August, Texans have been coming together now more than ever. Donations have been raised to help the victims get back on their feet and move forward as best as possible.

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Notable artists from H-Town, like Z-RO, have made records talking about their experience in dealing with the whole situation. A DFW artist by the name of Dooney Da Priest just recently made a record as well to cheer the city up called ‘Everything Gonna Be Alright.’

You probably remember Dooney from his last viral hit ‘Pull Your Pants Up’ from 2007, which got him tons of media coverage (The Houston Chronicle, The Guardian, and more) as it went against what some of the people in hip hop embrace–saggin pants.

Good to see Dooney is still at it. Let us know what you think of his new record DFW.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

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