The Beat DFW Daily Video

Recently areas in Texas have been struck with the tragedy that hurricane harvey has brought upon. There have been many individuals who have been affected tremendously and they are in our prayers as well as our hearts. This hurricane has resulted in flooding, loss of electricity, tragic casualties, and much more. Despite the damage this hurricane has caused it has also allowed us to see the best in Texas residents. All different types of people from all around Texas are lending a helping hand to those who have suffered the wrath of hurricane harvey. Many shelters are being provided to those in need such as the Walnut Hill Recreational Center, Tommie M Allen Center, and the Samuel Grand Center. As a state Texas is coming together to help those who are in need of it. Some people are bringing out their boats to help those around them and some are even offering there homes as solace. It’s times like these when we must be united as a state and work together to get through the issues at hand. We will prosper through these hard times in Texas and become as stronger unit. Thank you for those who have been helping out and also to those who have been so strong during this tough time.

I had a few Houston notables such as OG Ron C check in with me. For the full interview click below and find out what he had to say about Dallas. Hollywood Zay talks with OG Ron C about #HurricaneHarvey