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#BlackGirlMagic: Baton Rouge Elects Its First Black Woman Mayor

Go ahead and add this to the growing list of our 2016 best #BlackGirlMagic moments: Sharon Weston Broome (D-La.) has just become the first African-American woman to serve as the mayor of Baton Rouge.

According to the Huffington Post, Broome, 60, beat her opponent, Mack “Bodi” White (R-La.), in a tight race with 52 percent of the vote. She will succeed Democrat Kip Holden, who served as the first Black mayor of the parish.

Tonight Baton Rouge made a statement, a statement that we are a city of inclusion,” Broome said in her acceptance speech. “That we are a place of hope and optimism. A place where little boys and little girls of all walks of life know that they can grow up and lead a city no matter what their color or gender.

Broome also highlighted in her speech the need to “unify” the community moving forward.

Being unified is not only part of a vision for our future, it’s the backbone of the process that takes us there,”  she said. “We will work for the next four years to make our city an example of how to heal and progress past the hurt that we have seen.”

Congrats Mayor Broome!

Sick! Dylann Roof Had Handwritten List Of Black Churches Following Massacre

Dylann Roof (R), the 21-year-old man charged with murdering nine worshippers at a historic black church in Charleston last month, is helped to his chair by chief public defender Ashley Pennington during a hearing at the Judicial Center in Charleston

Source: Pool / Getty

According to court testimony, Dylann Roof, who is accused of shooting nine Black parishioners at a Charleston church, had a list of other Black churches in his car when he was arrested.

While on the stand, former South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agent Britany Burke said on Monday that a series of items were found in Roof’s car including cellphone, laptop, ammunition, a burned American flag and a handwritten list of churches and their addresses, the New York Daily News reported.

Roof, 22, faces 33 charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of a religion, and is facing death penalty.

Allen West Issues Apology For ‘Exterminate Muslims’ Post

Over the weekend, Allen West issued an apology for a Facebook post that was published on his website’s page that called for retired Gen. James Mattis to “exterminate” Muslims when he serves as Secretary of Defense for president-elect Donald Trump. According to the Grio, the meme under fire featured a picture of “Mad Dog Mattis” with “Fired by Obama to please the Muslims” written at the top and then the phrase “Hired by Trump to exterminate them,” at the bottom of it.

In an online apology’s editor in chief” Michele Hickford wrote: “I must take full responsibility for this, although I was not the one who posted it, and it was posted without my knowledge. I neither condone nor support the message included in the meme. This meme was not created by me or any of our writers. It was reposted from another source.”

The image has been removed. Its message was despicable, offensive to many, and a terrible error in judgement by the person who posted it. Furthermore, it does not reflect Col. West’s beliefs, principles and values. I am deeply sorry for the distress this has caused so many people.


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