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In the wake of the Keith Lamont Scott police shooting, members of the Nation of Islam are calling for an economic boycott to “redistribute the pain.”

There are conflicting reports about the moments before Scott was fatally wounded by a plainclothes officer, but one fact is constant: the people of Charlotte have had enough.

Protests turned violent Wednesday night and in the aftermath of the demonstrations, one person was allegedly shot and is on life support. Four officers were wounded during the protests.

B.J. Murphy, host of The B.J. Murphy Show, spoke with Roland Martin about the conditions on the ground since the unrest began, the boycott many are calling for in response to CMPD’s use of excessive force, and the lack of justice.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in the city of Charlotte,” said Murphy. “This is something that has been brewing for a long time.

“As a community activist in the city of Charlotte, we have been watching this brew,” he continued.

According to the radio show host, since 1995 there have been entirely too many “judicial killings” or “justifiable homicides” in which none of the officers involved were convicted of any wrongdoing.

Murphy said as a result of the ongoing injustice, “There really isn’t a lot of time for soft talk and sweet talk and going to eat ice cream and going to have community town hall meetings and it’s just a bunch of fluff.

“This is time for real men and real women in Charlotte to say, ‘Hey, let’s sit down at the table with our youth’ – the young brothers and sisters that are on the street – and have a little dialogue.”

Despite having said that, Murphy feels as though there is little left to be discussed until the people of the city get justice.

In an attempt to exact that justice, members of the Nation of Islam are looking to start an economic boycott to “withdraw our dollars and make them feel the pain.”

Murphy harkened back to Min. Louis Farrakhan’s call for a national boycott on Christmas and said, “If Black Lives don’t matter, then our Black dollars don’t matter in every city across this country.”

He also explained as a result of the “frenzy” taking place, “People are ready to do something that will make a big difference.

“We can’t go out with our weapons – our little pop guns – and try to fight against the National Guard or the CMPD,” said Murphy.

He added, “What we can do is more powerful” through the withdrawal of the African-American community’s economic support.

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