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Is Ariana Grande‘s 2014 hit “One Last Time” an Alex Gregg knockoff?

The big time songwriter is reportedly suing the singer for what he feels are his fair share of profits from the track, after alleging she and David Guetta stole the chorus of an EDM song he wrote for Skye Stevens two years earlier.

A quick listen to both and you’ll find the songs do sound substantially similar.

From TMZ:

In the suit, Greggs says Ariana and David Guetta — who produced “One Last Time” — duplicated the most memorable part of his song … the chorus! Greggs is a heavy hitter, who’s worked with Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and both Jacksons — Janet and Michael — and says Ariana copied his music as well as lyrics, like … “take(s) [or taking] you home.” He’s suing for a cut of the profits from AG’s track, a top 20 hit in 2014.

Listen to Ariana’s “One Last Time” and Skye Stevens’ “Takes All Night” below and let us know what you think.


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