Donald Trump Visits Turnberry Golf Club

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Trump’s campaign, with its hateful rhetoric and the the types of frightening people it is attracting, was “out of hand” a few months ago, but now I’m literally figuring out how I can gather up my loved ones and flee this place before it burns down in flames.


Trump’s hateful rhetoric has invigorated a mob of racist, xenophobic, anti-muslim, anti-immigration thugs.

On Monday, 30 black Valdosta State University students were ejected forcefully from a Trump rally in Georgia. The incident was disturbing and a frightening reminder of the racism we face in this country.

But an incident Tuesday, caught on camera during a Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky, was the most frightening to date.

A teenage Black female protester was violently shoved, pushed and assaulted by multiple white men, twice her age. The frightening video shows the woman alone in a crowd of hostile people, who clearly wanted to do her major harm. She later explained she was called a “nigger” and a “cunt” as she was cursed and manhandled out of the crowd.

No one in the crowd stopped to help the teen — not law enforcement, nor anyone else in the crowd. Instead, they relished in their hate for her.

It appears that the attack on the teen, much like other Trump rally assaults, was prompted by Trump himself encouraging his supporters to attack. He screamed his signature Get them out of here!

It goes without saying that we have seen this type of hate before — mobs of white men surrounding Black people, reminding them of the vitriol that racists feel.

This attack comes in the wake of Trump refusing to denounce KKK hatelord David Duke, while clinching seven states during the Super Tuesday rush.

The Republican front-runner needs to change his running motto to “Make America Hate Again.”


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