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Kweisi Mfume Holding An Award

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Who are some of your Black History hero’s?

Cornell Willis Kyle Harrison– professional lacrosse player

Marques Dent My father. He served in the army, went to Morgan state and became a mentor for black males. He wore his suit and tie everyday and showed myself and my brother and sister what a real man is. Gilbert Dent

Kevin Boardley Stewart Scott of espn Stephen A. Smith and Steve Harvey

Josey Wales Hannibal Barca,ruler of Carthage

Donald M Davis Nelson Mandela…

Ryan Wilbur Jenkins Randolph My Grandfather, Marcus Garvey,Malcolm X

grandman1126 NAT TURNER… The NAME speaks for itself!!!! #ImBLACKandImPROUD

tonybaltimore17 Jackie Robinson is mine!

indianhemp3 Nat Turner n the rest also

tearaiscoaching I agree @grandman1126! I’m a little bias though because his is a relative on my maternal grandmother’s side. However, the fact still remains he is a hero. #NATTURNER

grandman1126 @tearaiscoaching 👍👍

i_am_legend83 Martin Luther King Jr. but of course all of them are favorites gm bro @drejohnson1 #Early

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 Michael Jackson, because before him, no black artists videos played on mtv before, rip to the king

radical_shy_trafficante It was 6 or more slaves that ran away to Canada and invented ice hockey they wont teach you that in school

daonly_ttech Nat Turner, Prophet Noble Drew Ali & Dr. Khalid Muhammad

jbunniee @drejohnson1 my 4th great grand grandfather Josiah Diggs of Baltimore was the first black man to own a movie theater in Baltimore, called the Dunbar on central avenue. It ran from 1913-1940’s.

novationsink Madame CJ Walker

_danica_w  Lorenzo Truck Simpson is a Baltimore Amateur Boxer who has won his 6th National Silver Glove Championship. He superseded Oscar De La Hoya who has only won 5 times. #breakfastbite #HISTORY

luvvlee_1048 Vivien Thomas- he developed procedures to treat blue baby syndrome. Although he was not allowed to perform surgery, he assisted Alfred Blalock on many operations. Due to his research, he laid the foundation for lifesaving cardiac surgery here in Baltimore at John Hopkins. This surgery has saved my niece’s life. A portrait of Vivien Thomas hangs at John Hopkins today. Little black history fact 😊#breakfastbite



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