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Snowy road in snow storm.

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are you doing to prepare for ‪#‎snowmaggedon2016‬? ‪#‎Baltimore‬



Tavon Davis Getting all the food I need and all the adult essentials #snowedinsurvivalpack 🏿😎💯💯

DoctorRell Bailey Already loaded down from the snow pellets to the food. Got the iPod charged up so I can listen to 92Q and other music.

Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown Getting my food and alcohol together to chill and relax and give social media a break

Cj Nickens Volunteering and helping the less fortunate.It’s easy to forget others when we are faced with challenges.

Charles Smith Love that cj

Chereese Barrett Nothing because I have everything sooooo Let it Snowwwww!!!! In my Boyz 2 Men voices.

Tyice Pulliam Plenty of food alcohol and my kids and my man….the best way to be snowed in….

whthershey209 Well I haven’t had time to prepare for anything yet because I have been working on making sure all our dialysis patients get treatment before the storm. I’ll be last-minute shopping like always

hashtag_heidi Stocked up on baby food & water👶🏼🎀🐷

jpslater1983 Ps4 + drinks and movies and chill.

simplyam8zing I’m going to get to the store today a get a few things.

the1andonly_meme @drejohnson1 stock up on food, snacks and liquor. Got my roku on deck to watch some movies and cuddle in my blanket.

queen_tifney Listening to you on the radio

1sickcharger making sure I got enuff pillows for some good sleep lol gm bro

jbb427 I’m going to eat a quarter pound of psychedelic mushrooms and lock myself in a dark room and listen to techno music

mrscampbell312 I’m prepared✔😛😂

cristalonair Hitting the liquor store HARD….And getting a few groceries….lol

jack.of.trades.613 Gassing up the truck n giving ppl rides to work n the market.

remiredz31 Load up on condoms and liquor…ijs

cristalonair Hitting the Liquor store….DJM LOL

devon.cole.545 Already fought the market lines. Water rock salt can goods and liquor.

lovefromtheplug Making way away from this city dat support all the wrong shit and people ✈️

reese_reese_reese Wine snacks rellos n a couple of dollars to pay someone 2 clean my sidewalk n car! #djm lol

tjdadjofficial Doing nothing, what should I prepare for, its only gonna be like a foot 😂


Baltimore Gets Stuck In Saturday’s Snow Storm

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