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There’s a reported warrant out for DMX’s arrest after he failed to make it to court on Monday.

It appears DMX just can’t seem to keep his name out of trouble. Having already been arrested once since being released from prison back in September, X could now be facing another arrest after failing to make it to court on Monday regarding child support payments to his ex-wife Tashera Simmons.

According to Bossip, X stayed in the city of Las Vegas after his DMXmas concert last night instead of flying back for court on Monday. A lawyer for X told the judge that he had thought the court date was tomorrow (Tuesday), but apparently Judge Paul Marx wasn’t having any of it. He lividly stated,

“[DMX] sat here at the table and said, ‘If you let me go, I’m coming back.’ Well, he ain’t here. It’ll be interesting to see if TSA picks him up on a warrant.”

The statement [above] refers to the judge cutting DMX a break a couple weeks following his arrest back in October and letting him off the hook easy after X pleaded with him that he needed to be out on the road making money to pay off all the different child support payments he had. Nevertheless, X missed today’s court and it’s not looking good for him at the moment.

We’ll continue to keep you posted with any info as it becomes available. Let’s just hope X can clear things up soon.