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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we’re breaking down all of the insane and crazy stories trending in this week’s news.

This time around, guest host Ray Baker is at the helm, accompanied by Sherri Warren, Regional Director for Interscope Records, and MissterRay, WEtv Correspondent.

We kick off this foray into madness with an unusual standoff. A Phoenix, AZ shoplifter hid on the roof of a motel and demanded powdered jelly donuts before he would come down to be whisked away in cuffs.


Gents, your hair styling woes are over thanks to Groupon. The online deal maker has partnered with the manufacturer of clip-on man buns. Yes … if you are unable to use your own locks to create the new trend sweeping the globe, now you too can rock a bun like all of your favorite celebrities.


Twerkers gone wild? Two Washington D.C. women are wanted on sexual assault charges for assaulting an unsuspecting gentleman with spontaneous twerking in a gas station convenience store. One of the women who was an accomplice on the “twerk mission” should probably be charged with aggressive groping and aiding and abetting a twerker, as well for her role in the booty shaking assault.


A woman about to feed her hankering for some ‘kraut found an unpleasant surprise in her can of Great Value Sauerkraut from Walmart, when she opened the can and a dead bird fell out into her bowl. Wonder if it tastes like chicken?


Ready to get your fight on? Now with the new app Rumblr, the “Tinder for fighting,” you can hook up with your next fight buddy and go blow-for-blow until one of you get knocked the **** out.

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WTH?! Thursday: Prosecutor Suspended For Pulling Gun On Fake Spiders

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