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Dame Dash

Source: Ray Tamarra / Contributor / Getty

Dame Is Watching.

Following our interview with Lyor Cohen earlier this week, Roc-A-Fella founder Dame Dash, responded to Lyor’s comments.

In the interview, Lyor said “It would bother me if it came from a credible source. I can’t give any light to that. It’s a clown right now” when asked about Dame’s “culture vulture” claims. Here’s what he said on his Instagram handle:

#CultureVulture won’t answer a direct question and gonna have the nerve to try to discredit a good positive man from our culture for telling the truth in an intelligent way..and still trying to convince us that we’re lucky to be getting robbed by him…they always try to make us think we are winning when we losing when they are trying to rob us …and he still can’t get a dollar from his own culture…I’m not credible?…. Who’s the clown?…And he’s like 70 still trying to get money off the rap game…nobody’s checking for that… The plantation game is over my culture is smarter then that these days… #HustleForYourLastNameFirst #CultureVulture the book coming soon @hip_hop_motivator let’s go! It’s time I’ve been waiting for him to speak after 6 months #nerd