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Future seems to have support from his fellow ashy brethren in their disdain for Ciara “having baby Future around another man.” Enter T.I. He added his two cents, claiming that he’d go off if it were him. Peep game:

But um…

Why are they acting like Russell Wilson is any old body? He has done nothing, as far as we know, to make people raise eyebrows, and it’s definitely not like he sings songs about taking drugs, strip clubs, and trapping (*side eye). Wilson and Ciara seem genuinely happy. It also seems like little Future Zahir likes him too.

Future has several babymamas, and it’s safe to assume that Ciara was around his children with them when he and she were getting serious. Same probably goes for T.I. This is a case of insecurity, and definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

Double standards at its finest.

Here are a couple of tweets that sum it up nicely:

You get the point. Perhaps Future should have acted right and married Ciara. You can’t expect her to be single forever.


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