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Portrait Of Mister Rogers

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Our favorite childhood staples have been crushing our spirits for awhile, and quite frankly, we’re sick of it. Bill Cosby ruined The Cosby Show for us with each bit of news that surfaces about his alleged rape incidents. Most recently, WWE wrestling great Hulk Hogan was caught making racist remarks in leaked footage, and used the N-word several times to prove his point (oh, brother!). And let’s not forget how Kevin Clash almost had us cursing the ever-lovable Elmo and his name.

Well, never fear! There are some childhood favorites that just can’t be tainted no matter what. Seriously, scroll through our list of our favorite childhood joys that will always comfort us, stored in our memory banks.

1. G.I. Joe


Who doesn’t love an American hero?

2. Care Bears


Admit it, your heart is gushy right now.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

We all wished we could run as fast as him.

4. Power Wheels


Beep, beep, who got the keys to the jeep?

5. Hi-C Ecto Cooler


It was the best Hi-C flavor, hands down.

6. Mister Rogers

FILE PHOTO Fred 'Mister' Rogers Dead At 74

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We just pray there wasn’t one bad thing in his sweater pockets.

7. Fisher Price Tape Recorder


We’re sure this inspired many a career.

8. Muppet Babies


Possibly the best cartoon of our generation.

9. PB&J sandwiches


The GOAT of sandwiches. We hope nothing EVER comes out about George Washington Carver, man.

10. Rubix cubes


Some of us have never solved one, but that never stopped us from trying.

11. View Finder


We literally had the world in our hands! (Or in this case, pizza.)

12. Punky Brewster


She made it okay to let our imagination loose.

13. Video Soul


Donnie Simpson was too smooth for words.

14. Dragon Ball Z

Yo, Goku saved our asses time after time!

15. Robin Williams

Robin Williams In 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

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From Hook to Mrs. Doubtfire and Popeye to Aladdin, Williams brought his characters to life, and we loved him for it.

16. Inspector Gadget


He probably wouldn’t have solved many cases if it wasn’t for Penny (voiced by Cree Summer), but who cares? The theme song was enough to get you through the entire show.

17. All That


It was our version of Saturday Night Live that we watched week after week.

18. Shari Lewis


How could the woman who brought us Lamb Chop ever do us wrong?



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