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Hello, my dear. Here’s today’s news stories. Enjoy!

Iran Deal Finally Reached, Meets Dissent From Israel & US Pentagon

President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry have proudly announced that after years of animosity with Iran, Iran has finally agreed to limit its nuclear program as long as it is relieved of the global oil and financial sanctions that have crippled its economy. Obama spoke on the news development at 7 AM this morning in Washington, urging Congress to approve the deal to avoid potentially unleashing more war in the Middle East. Response from the Pentagon on the deal has been lukewarm however, even though Obama has stated that the deal met all of his bottom lines and that this deal is his greatest diplomatic accomplishment while in the Oval Office. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has condemned the deal for giving Iran access to nuclear weapons that it can still use to wage war in spite of the agreement that has been reached. Already, gas prices in the US have lowered by almost 2 percent as a result of the nuclear agreement. Read more at the Washington Post and the New York Times.

No Sign BB King Was Poisoned, Says Coroner

The Las Vegas coroner that examined BB King’s corpse stated yesterday that there is no proof the blues legend was poisoned at the time of his death in May. King’s daughters, Karen Williams and Patty King, accused his manager LaVerne Toney and Myron Johnson, an assistant, of slipping King a substance that caused his death. Williams and King accused Toney and Johnson of murdering their father to secure their access to the singer’s estate that is worth millions. The coroner maintains that King died of Alzheimer’s disease and various other physical ailments. Read more at CNN.

Obama Speaks On Criminal Justice Reform For NAACP

President Barack Obama is to deliver a speech today at the NAACP convention in Philadelphia on his efforts to reform criminal justice, one of them providing shorter sentences for non-violent offenders. Obama will assert that this is a bipartisan effort. He will also be speaking on the importance of addressing issues such as poverty that fuel crime and the role that communities have in being involved in the reform process. Just yesterday, Obama announced that he will be giving clemency to 46 prisoners that were convicted on non-violent crimes and in the upcoming days, the Obama will be making a visit to an Oklahoma federal prison. Read more at the Huffington Post.

US DEA Knew Of El Chapo’s Escape Plans For a Year

The Drug Enforcement Administration has had evidence since March 2014 detailing drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s escape plot from a maximum security prison. The evidence was pulled together only a month after Guzman was detained in Mazaltan, Mexico. That July, further investigation revealed that Guzman’s son coordinated a group of lawyers and military counter-intelligence personnel to devise an escape route for El Chapo. Read more at ABC News.


The Military May Lift Ban On Transgender People

Black Women Suffer The Most From Mortgage Discrimination Says New Study

NYC To Pay Eric Garner’s Family $5.9 M To Settle Chokehold Death Claim

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