Spring Fest 2015 With Rich Homie Quan

Source: J.R. Davis/KBFB / J.R. Davis/KBFB


Rich Homie Quan got dropped to the small table and wasn’t haven’t so he left.

According to TMZ, Rich Homie Quan was scheduled to perform on at the BET Awards Sunday night but when he arrived at the event, he was told that he’d been downgraded to headlining the small stage at the red carpet.Quan and his team got into a argument with the BET team, but in the end they couldn’t convince the network to let him keep his televised performance. At that point, Quan left the BET awards.

Well he did his thing for us in Dallas at Springfest so relive that.

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Spring Fest 2015 With Rich Homie Quan
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