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2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 1

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For any real pro-wrestling fan, you know what it means to get “The Push.” For those unaware, “The Push” is when Vince McMahon makes a decision to put a guy over, or put a title on a certain character. In the ’80s, the guy with the ultimate push was Hulk Hogan, with the help of Andre The Giant. In the present, John Cena, who got over with defining moments against The Big Show, JBL and Edge is now considered “The Guy” who can put any superstar over, if given the green light.

Now, of course the charisma, athleticism and “It” factor all play a big part. Your in the ring has to be as good as your out of ring, especially when it comes to having the mic and cutting a great promo. We combed through the rap game and definitely see a lot of crews and artist that would definitely win over arenas across the U.S. and would be worthy of “The Push.”

The Game

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The Game

The Game is definitely WWE ready. He’s cut some of the best real life promos in hip-hop history. His feuds with Joe Budden, Yukmouth and even his former crew, G-Unit make it clear that he’s more than ready if the spotlight were to be on him. His on-sight beef with 40 Glocc and quick spat with Young Thug has made it clear that he hasn’t lost and is ready to go at anytime. We’d honestly put The Game in the Jake The Snake, Steve Austin and Randy Orton lane.

SWAC Tournament After Concert Featuring Rick Ross, Kid Ink And Zero

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Rick Ross

Rozay’s longevity is more charisma-based than it is about his actual music although he does have a string of legit hit records. He wouldn’t be the greatest mic man that you heard but he’s definitely worthy of a push, even if he was a transitional champion. We’d put him in the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase or Mark Henry lane. So he would either win a title or make his own.

SXSW Film-Interactive-Music - Day 6

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Odd Future

Odd Future is the young, talented underground crew, with a following that would be willing to support them even if they became mild mannered parents. You don’t have a “marquee superstar” out of the crew, but you could give them a push like “The Flock.” Tyler is Raven, Earl is Kidman and Hodgy could be Saturn. It could all work and you might get a couple mid-card status titles out of it.

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 1

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A$AP Mob

The A$AP Mob is an extremely pop culture diverse group. They are probably the only crew that’s comfortable in the streets of Harlem, an EDM Rave and Fashion Week. With all that style and their ability to have such a broad and diverse audience, you have to give them a push like “Legacy” [Orton, Cody and DiBiase Jr.] They are for the new generation of hip-hop supporters. They have a lot of potential and have cranked out more hits than people want to give them credit for.

NYLON Midnight Garden Party

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Chris Brown

Everybody loves Chris Brown. He’s the only guy who really could be the next “King of Pop” and it not remotely be disrespectful to the G.O.A.T., Michael Jackson. Breezy could get the Shawn Michaels push. Whether he’s good or bad you can’t deny the performance that he brings when the stage is the brightest. Chris Jericho or Edge are also logical choices.


Ghostface Killah

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Ghostface Killah

One of the most notable and polarizing figures in hip-hop is Ghostface. The GFK following is so real and when you hear hip-hop heads talk about “slept on classics” a lot of cats will bring up his entire catalog. With that stigma, you’ve got to give GFK a push like Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. Steamboat’s matches with Flair and Macho are considered some of the greatest ever. However, you need a wrestling OG to bring him up as being one of the greatest they’ve seen. It’d be fair to put Ghost in the Mr. Perfect lane also.

ScHoolboy Q

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ScHoolboy Q

There’s not really anything bad you can say about ScHoolboy Q. In this game, he has the ability to go any direction because he really wants those big hit records, but is definitely not going to sacrifice his core in the process. Q could be in “The Godfather lane” (which was also Papa Shango, Kama Mustafah and Kama of The Nation of Domination). Q also has Kurt Angle or Booker T push potential.We may have to revisit this question around mainstream album number 3.

Young Thug

Thugger is actually very talented. His antics and appearance have people not wanting to mess with him at all. The charisma and allure end to a degree and overshadows the mic skills. No question, Young Thug could get the Goldust push! To be honest, he’s like the Goldust of the rap game right now.


Ol' Dirty Bastard Portrait Session

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Honorable Mention: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Ol Dirty Bastard would have definitely gotten a push! We’d put him in the Rowdy Roddy Piper, Cactus Jack and Dean Ambrose lane. RIP Ol’ Dirty!


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