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Some names are easy to pronounce, and some just aren’t. There are certain celebrity names we get wrong all of the time, and we’re here to put an end to it. Here are 22 celeb names we pronounce wrong all of the time.

Quvenzhane Wallis

You might say: Qua-ven-zhane

But it’s really: Qua-VARN-zhane

Sidney Poitier

You might say: Port-ee-ay

But it’s really: Pwat-ee-ay


You might say: Ree-ah-na

But it’s really: Ree-anna

Djimon Hounsou

You might say: Di-ji-mahn Hoonsoo

But it’s really: Ji-mon Hahn-soo

Giancarlo Esposito

You might say: Juan-carlo

But it’s really: Gee-ahn-carlo

Carmen Ejogo

You might say: Nope

But it’s really: E-joe-go

Thandie Newton

You might say: Th-andy

But it’s really: Tandy

Idris Elba

You might say: Ee-dris or Ee-drees or Ih-dris -dris

But it’s really: Eh-dris

Dulé Hill

You might say: Dool

But it’s really: Doo-lay

Dr. Seuss

You might say: Soos

But it’s really: Soy-ce (I know, right?)

Alek Wek

You might say: Al-ek

But it’s really: Uh-lek

Catherine Zeta-Jones

You might say: Zee-tah

But it’s really: Zay-tah

Chiwetel Ejifor

You might say: Pass

But it’s really: Choo-ee-tell Edge-ee-oh-for

David Oyelowo

You might say: Not even gonna go there

But it’s really: Oh-yellow

Charlize Theron

You might say: Th-err-on or Th-er-own

But it’s really: Thrown


Lupita Nyong’o

You might say: Knee-on-go

But it’s really: En-yawn-go

Gabourey Sidibe

You might say: Sid-ih-bay

But it’s really: Si-DIH-bay

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

You might say: Try again

But it’s really: Em-bat-ah

Martin Scorsese

You might say: Score-SAYs-ee

But it’s really: Score-sez-ee

Barack Obama

You might say: Bah-rack

But it’s really: Bah-rock

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