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daft punk unmasked interview - daft punk unmasked interview

This is Daft Punk without their helmets on giving a rare interview back in 1995. Someone in their promotion and marketing team must have bitch slapped them for messing with their masked mystique because that hasn’t happened since.

However, cell phones being what they were some attention-seeking wannabe tweeted a picture of them not wearing their masks during a Sony party. It was taken down, but it’s the internet so the damage was done. The pic didn’t affect their careers though. They won album and record of the year at The 2014 Grammys and had one of the most entertaining performances during the show.

Daft Punk aren’t the only ones owing a major part of their success to masks. They aren’t the only ones to be caught without them either.

The Gorillaz

the gorillaz promo pic - the gorillaz promo pic

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett started The Gorillaz as kind of a goofy music side project. Who would have thought an animated rock group it would have blown up?

damian albarn jamie hewlett the gorillaz - damian albarn jamie hewlett the gorillaz


A hard rock band out of Iowa (yeah, Iowa) Slipknot rose to fame with some of the creepiest masks ever worn by a music performer.

slipknot masks scary - slipknot masks scary

This is what they look like without them while they soundcheck their instruments.


They kind of look like band nerds from high school along with a chubbier Guy Fieri, right?


deadmau5 grammy red carpet - deadmau5 grammy red carpet

Joel Thomas Zimmerman may be masked as his alter-ego Deadmau5, but unlike Daft Punk he doesn’t even try to hide what he really looks like. Both his mau5 mask and civilian face have equal time everywhere.

deadmau5 joel thomas zimmerman - deadmau5 joel thomas zimmerman


Barney and friends - Barney and friends

David Joyner operated the Barney The Purple Dinosaur suit for eight years. He was actually the second suit wearer, but he wore it most prominently when the show really started to gain popularity.

david joyner barney the purple dinosaur - david joyner barney the purple dinosaur

The Teletubbies

teletubbies - teletubbies

This weird kids’ show feature four creatures called Teletubbies that…do something. It’s weird as hell, but kids love it. This is what they looked like during their first interview ever.

teletubbies cas interview - teletubbies cas interview

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