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A few years ago Jay Electronica was the patron saint of the underground rap world.  After grinding throughout the scene for years the Nawlins native developed a cult following that struck mainstream gold with the release of the Just Blaze backed “Exhibit C.” With Diddy on speed dial, production on Nas’s album, a baby by Ms. Badu and the ink dry on his Roc Nation contract, Jay was ready to become the next big thing.

That was in 2009.

Since then label mate J Cole, who was signed after him, has dropped two albums and is all the rage. His boss Jay Z has gone number one again, had a baby and Jay Elec’s album has gone the way of Detox. I mean even Common and 3 Stacks managed to pump out product after being Badu-ing. Their rhymes recovered, even if their clothes didn’t.

Common ain’t rock crocheted pants for him to do this…  

So after a few years of playing American gigolo in Europe with Kate Rothschild and with his status fast slipping into the “has-been-that-never-was category” Jay decided now was the time to return for the sake of the lyric lovers. So what brilliant move does Jay decide on? What’s a sure fire way to get your lane back? Got it! Why not jump on a track with some of these new cats making noise?! They’ve been running around swearing they got lyrics… why not hop on a track with them? One quick spanking should prove the point, yes? Who’s out here? Big Sean with Kendrick Lamar? Yeah! This could work.

Jay… where were your boys dude?

Couldn’t somebody pull you to the side and inform you that maybe these were the wrong two dudes to mount a comeback on? (PAUSE)  NOBODY at all? “Hey Jay, check this out, Big Sean JUST made it his mission to out rap every MC he gets on a song with. I think we’re gonna have to step the game up… Oh no don’t get it twisted, I know you can take him… I’m just saying be careful my dude! Oh and ummm Kendrick has kinda been eating everything in sight. Not sure we want this to be the one we comeback on. How about a nice safe cut with 2 Chainz and Trinidad James? Huh? They’re hot right now, too! The names already rhyme, the bars basically write themselves!”

But “Control” happened… just check here, here and here for the aftermath…

How bad did you piss off the engineer that they didn’t even think about changing the order on “Control” to avoid your ghosting? Kendrick salted the earth and you came on sounding like the little pop gun in “Harlem Nights.”

This is supposed to be a comeback! That doesn’t mean you come back to the point where everyone forgets you exist again! And that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you get washed to the point where FEMA feels like avoiding you.

And then two weeks after people had to be reminded you were on the track you got left behind on, with fresh footprints on your ass, you deliver a dud all over again on Rapsody’s “Jedi Code” feat. Phonte.

Yeah… it just got awkward.

Jay, we’re starting to think you DIG people climbing in your ass like a proctologist. After the scissoring you suffered at the hands of K Dot and Big Sean, you should be thinking redemption. But instead you comeback to the booth with another cupcake with cream on top? C’mon fam, even the girl-scouts don’t give away candy like this, but these bars are more Snickers than super!  Maybe this verse was recorded before “Control” but it’s still two back-to-back Ls  no matter how you slice it.

If you like having your ass whipped, there are websites you can visit (or so I’ve heard) no judgement man…

But if not, love is not supposed to hurt. Get some help man.

Go see what Lupe is up to. Nas owes you one too right? Just sayin…

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