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If you’re absolutely, positively going to make something with half-naked hot chicks in it, let a hot chick that looks great half-naked do it.

Agent Provocateur made the brilliant move of the decade hiring Penelope Cruz to write and direct their ad for their new line of lingerie. The line that Penelope Cruz and her sister, Monica, designed. Who better, then, to make sure it looks hot as hell?

In this video you will see most everything a lingerie ad should have, including a few things you don’t quite see coming. Giraffes and hanging supermodels anyone?

Here’s the best stuff though. In order from hella awesome to hella awesomer:

1. Hot chicks are everywhere.

There are, literally, more beautiful women in this video than you have eyes to take them in. Repeat viewings will be necessary. In fact, feel free to set aside an afternoon and take your time with it. Alone. With the lights dimmed just so.

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