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One would think that shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ exist only to give the ordinary person the ability to humiliate themselves for a worldwide audience.

And then stuff like this happens.

Travis Pratt from Tifton, Georgia is a 31 year old man that grew up singing gospel music. On June 12, 2013 he showed up at ‘America’s Got Talent’ at the urging of his girlfriend to perform. When he opened his mouth to sing the camera picked up some pretty hilarious reaction shots.

Those same faces lit up and compelled their attached bodies to stand to their feet only seconds later when at :52 Travis hit a note that made you wonder if he was, indeed, a man or a eunuch from the old school Vienna Boys Choir.

Not sure how,exactly, Travis made the jump from singing gospel to singing opera, but once this is for certain. His girlfriend is a genius. Howie Mandel was smart to bring her up on stage. And she was very lucky for the surprise that came her way.

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