Has adopting a black child become the new past time for white celebrities?

You could argue such.

Steven Spielberg was one of the originators. Didn’t remember that one, did you? Yeah, it’s been going on for a while. Heard of 16 year old J Connor Cruise? He’s become the toast of Hollywood DJ’ing some of the hottest gigs in town. And he’s the other child of Tom Cruise not named Suri. Don’t forget Michelle Pfeifer. She adopted a baby girl back in the day as well.

Since then adopting black children has taken off amongst white celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and several other white celebrities have all adopted them.

TMZ has been around for several years. With all the hardcore obnoxiousness they lay on their celebrity subjects you’d have thought they’d done some sort of parody piece on this phenomenon a long time ago. Apparently not.

They actually did this a year ago but never released it publicly…until now.


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