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It looks like people are tired of dudes pissing all over the floors in restrooms, so to curb that, an interactive game has been created to keep men engaged while peeing.

The Coca-Cola park in Allentown, Pennsylvania will be the first restroom in the world to use pee-and-play system, according to Consumerist. From a press release:

When a user approaches the urinal, the video console flips into gaming mode, using patented technology that detects both his presence and stream. Algorithms then allow the user to engage with the screen by aiming in different directions to test their agility and knowledge. The games are 100% intuitive and custom-built to provide a unique user interface along with an easy and seamless experience.

It looks like they will be mostly used at baseball stadiums. Hopefully, if things go well, they should try to incorporate it at other sporting areas so everyone will be able to enjoy… and pee straight.

Do you think a video game urinal is a bit much or it looks like fun?

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