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I knew something was missing when 2013 started.  In the 21st century, what would any year be without Chris Brown and new drama to set it off?  TMZ reported that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a brawl at a recording studio in LA this weekend.  Like Breezy’s run-in with Drake in New York last year, the instigator of the fight is currently a mystery, as both sides are pointing at each other.

There are previous reports of the two R&B singers having issues with each other, however, with a track record like Breezy’s and the courts watching him, would he really intentionally put himself at risk again?  And Frank, despite rolling with one of the wildest groups in the industry right now, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, does not have a reputation for confrontations like this- but does that mean we should put it past him?

So what do you think- is Breezy to blame, or did Frank Ocean decide to make some new waves to kick in 2013?

Sidenote- Is anyone else looking forward to hear what Ocean’s crew partner, Tyler the Creator is going to say about this?

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