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According to VLADTV:

Although Floyd Mayweather won’t be put into the general population with all of the other inmates at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, he will be forced to live like every other inmate in jail. He is located in the protective custody unit, as he checked in around 11 a.m. last Friday, June 1st, and will remain isolated for at least a week or two before he is allowed to be around other inmates in the same unit.

The next 3 months of his life will consist of being confined to a small 7 by 14 or 6 by 10 jail cell, with nothing more than a bed, toilet, sink, and small desk in it. There is a window as well so that he can have some sunlight shed on him from time to time. As of right now, Mayweather will not be allowed any type of contact with any other inmate. He will be confined to his cell for most of the day, and only allowed out for his free time which is just one hour a day, while the rest of the inmates are on lock down.